This is how Airtasker throws a party on Sydney Harbour

By Adam Bub | Posted 14 May, 2021

Corporate events are back in Sydney. From company team-building activities to client schmoozing, we’re learning how to socialise in real life again and do it in ways that we’d never considered before.

As Australia’s leading online boat marketplace, Floatspace has seen a growing demand for Sydney Harbour luxury boat hire for events in recent months. With our Australian-first online booking system providing live availability and pricing, boat rental in Sydney has never been easier.

Private boat hire is one of the most memorable ways to make your colleagues and clients feel like a million bucks. But don’t take our word for it – Sydney-based company Airtasker recently hired one of Floatspace’s best luxury yachts on Sydney Harbour, One World, for a “once-in-a-lifetime” event.

We asked Demara Roche, Airtasker’s Vibe Coordinator (we want her job!), to share how she planned her company’s boat party and what she’d tell other businesses looking to do the same.

So tell us, what was the purpose of your event?

Airtasker had just listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, so we wanted to celebrate 'floating' in style. With achieving such a big milestone, we wanted to reward those who got us to this moment, those who contributed the most to our journey so far. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

How many people did you have on the boat, and for how long?

We had just shy of 100 people on the boat, and we had a four-hour cruise.

How did you come to choose the boat One World on Floatspace?

Floatspace has many incredible boats on offer, but we chose One World because of three main reasons:

Firstly, the boat was totally luxurious, but it had a very relaxed vibe about it and the different spaces on board allowed for us to plan an experience our staff couldn't forget. It also hit the capacity requirements, had many breakout spaces, was extremely stable and provided a large space for gathering for speeches.

Secondly, the food was out of this world. It's amazing what we ate coming out of such a tiny kitchen - the chef outdid himself.

Lastly, the awesome experience we all had was largely due to the helpfulness of the crew. It's so refreshing to come on board and meet funny, professional people that you get to spend four to five hours with.

The One World crew were there to deliver an experience that was bespoke to Airtasker, and I knew this would be the case after meeting with a few of them before our cruise.

What did you do for catering?

The food on board One World is definitely the big highlight. The flavours and the elegant presentation was amazing. We were very pleased with the quality of drinks on board within our package, including the champagne!

How easy was it to tailor the boat to your event, in terms of things like decorations and table setups?

They were very accommodating. They had a decal partner who conducts vinyl signage on the boat and we opted to have our logos on the windows. We had balloons and a photo booth on board, plus our custom pillows. The staff were great.

What was the feedback from your guests after the event?

We wanted to elevate this particular celebration as it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so we had a dress code – very unlike Airtasker to do so! And everyone came on board looking very impressive. The boat, the views, the food and drink, and the crew support meant that none of our guests wanted for anything. I was flooded with positive feedback and constant nagging of when our next cruise would be! As a company we reminisced about the event for weeks after. So many great memories were made.

What would you say is the best thing about having an event on a boat?

You get to experience a different way of celebrating. It's stylish and it means more to you as you don't do it often with your colleagues. The views of Sydney are breathtaking, and again offer a different perspective.

Next time you'll invite us, right?

One World is available for hire from $2800 an hour for up to 100 guests.

Whether you're after Sydney Harbour luxury boat hire for corporate functions or small boat hire for team-building activities, Floatspace has a boat for you and your budget.

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