About Us

It's about time we introduced ourselves!

When you book through Floatspace, you're directly paired with a skilled concierge team member from your region (we're real humans, we promise!)

As we scale internationally, we are conscious of how important customer service is. Our tech might be industry leading and totally epic but our customer service is old school. We hold doors, say thank you and have company values. So we wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know that behind the scenes are real people, a team and above all, a team who care.

Our concierge team loves to interact with you to bring your unique events to life. 

Whether you are booking a couples retreat, a birthday for a family member or a superyacht for a wedding, we treat you equally. Our team are committed, hard working and passionate about customers. 

From the Floatspace Crew, thanks for getting on board and booking your boat through the leading boat rental platform. 

Oh....by the way, those values we spoke about earlier:


Our Values:

Back Yourself.

Trust your intuition and take action. Don't fear failure - learn and go again.

Earn The Customer.

Exceed their expectations, every time.

Be Diligent.

Take pride and care in everything you do. Act responsibly and be respectful.

Get On Board.

Be a team player and celebrate every win. Love what you do and enjoy the ride.