12 very, very good reasons to hire a boat in Australia's winter

By Adam Bub | Posted 17 April, 2021

There are two types of winter people: 1) The Hibernators, and 2) The “It’s Not Actually That Cold” Types Who Convince The Hibernators It’s Safe To Leave Your Doona and Netflix Without Getting Frostbite.

We think you can guess which category the Floatspace team fits into (hint: the acronym isn't short).

Why hibernate when you can hire a boat? Let us present our case.

1. Hello, low season rates

Most boats have high season and low season rates. Low season can differ based on where you’re booking your boat – if you’re going to Queensland it’s peak time for tourism as shivering travellers from New South Wales and Victoria escape the cold in holiday hotspots like the Gold Coast, The Whitsundays, Fraser Island and the Sunshine Coast.

On the flipside, Sydney Harbour is way less packed than it is during summer so you’re more likely to score a fabulous boat at a low-season rate. Swim if you’re feeling brave, but we’d be quite happy just staying inside a cosy cabin with our cocktails.

2. Aussie travel has opened up

With all Australian state borders finally open to one another (at the time of publishing), most restrictions lifted and half-price airfare offers, we’re all about making up for lost time. If anything, COVID has amplified the ‘YOLO’ effect as Aussies realise just how good we have it while other countries around the world remain in lockdowns.

Support tourism operators on the road to recovery and book those experiences you’ve always wanted to have, whether it’s sailing The Whitsundays on an adventure catamaran like Wings, or splashing out on Sydney Harbour super yacht like Privacy for an unforgettable private charter.

Public holiday heads-up: The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is coming up in June. Get some friends together and plan now.

3. There’s no such thing as winter in Queensland

A day under 20 degrees? Tell him he’s dreamin’. Queensland becomes the envy of the lower east coast states during winter because the weather is just so darn perfect. Without the sweltering days and unpredictable tropical storms of the summer months, Queensland in winter offers perfect, calm sailing weather and in many spots, warm enough waters for swimming. View Floatspace's complete range of boats for hire in Queensland, from small sailing boats to luxury superyachts.

4. You’re more likely to get your dream boat

We can’t promise dreamboat guests, but our dream boats are drop dead gorgeous (we’re looking at you, Prometheus luxury yacht).

Whether you’re planning a corporate function, an engagement party, a wedding or a birthday, you’ll find less competition for the exact boat you want in places like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. And now that COVID restrictions on dance floors and standing up while drinking have been relaxed, the doors are open for you to plan the best floating event in winter.

5. You can hide under a doona on a boat too

Our friends in The Hibernators may need more convincing to come out, so just let them know they can bring their fave blankies and watch Netflix on board, too. Floatspace has boats with the cosiest lounges and bedrooms where you can warm up those winter nights with your nearest and dearest. May we tempt you with some pictures?

6. The jacuzzi life

Champagne bubbles in spa bubbles. Need we say any more? Floatspace has boats with jacuzzis around Australia including Masteka 2, Shadow and One World in Sydney, MY Three Rivers in The Whitsundays and Fratelli in Perth.

7. Whale watching season

If you want to say hi to humpback whales, the east coast of Australia is a whale watching mecca from May to November. In Sydney, you might spot whales on their way up to Queensland for mating in warmer waters. Whales can be spotted from the Gold Coast all the way up through the Great Barrier Reef. The season really heats up during July and August when a huge number of whales enter Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast – the first World Whale Heritage site. They can be seen via commercial tours or your own private charter.

8. Vivid Sydney is back

We missed out on Vivid in 2020 because of COVID, but it’s back in 2021 and so are Vivid cruises on Sydney Harbour. See the Sydney city skyline and landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Luna Park light up with large-scale installations and projections that make this world-class city truly shine bright. Skip the crowds and view it all on your own private boat with friends, family or colleagues. This year’s festival will be held a little later than usual, from August 6 to 28, 2021.

9. Winter babies deserve fun times too

If your birthday happens to fall in June, July or August, don’t sweat. Actually you won’t sweat – unless you’re wearing too many layers. But we digress. Our point is that winter birthdays deserve to be celebrated on the water just as much as any. You don’t need to swim to have a great time – most Floatspace boats have fantastic indoor entertaining spaces for lunches, dinners, sunset drinks or cocktails and canapes. A lot of the spaces are well enclosed so you don't have to worry about the weather.

And if you happen to be getting married in the coming months, hens’ and bucks’ parties are hugely popular with Floatspace boat lovers at any time of the year. An excuse for a party? Sign us up.

10. Foodie floats

Winter is the best time to be a foodie. Pour a full-bodied glass of red, book a BBQ boat or set up a gourmet smorgasbord of antipasto and float with your friends, family, colleagues or clients aboard a Floatspace yacht, catamaran or motor boat. No pressure to get a tan or show your 'summer body' - just float and enjoy!

11. Get your team back together

Since we lacked a lot of human contact last year and many teams still work remotely, now’s the ideal time to host a team building event or networking function on a boat to bring everyone together again. Reward your team for meeting quarterly or end-of-financial year goals with a day out sailing on a boat like Escapade in Sydney, or impress your clients with a corporate function on a boat like Victoria Star in Melbourne.

12. No overseas holidays? No problem

We’d all love to enjoy a European summer like old times, but in the meantime we can make our own fun right here in Australia. Embrace the ‘holiday here this year’ spirit and invest in Aussie experiences. Unless you happen to be travelling to New Zealand with the travel bubble opening up! Here’s where we cheekily recommend our Floatspace boats in New Zealand, because they’re choice, bro.

We rest our case. Final verdict: Hiring a boat in winter is the bee’s knees.

Search Floatspace's boats for hire for your winter event. Recommended boats below.