Planning business events on boats: The 6 most common questions answered

By Adam Bub | Posted 26 March, 2021

A great business event can leave a lasting impression, especially if your event space is a private boat.

Business event boat hire offers you the flexibility to choose a space tailored to your group size, corporate function style and budget.

It can be as intimate as a group of 10 sailing taking a BBQ cruise on Sydney Harbour, or as lavish as a luxury super yacht party of 400 with five-star catering and onboard entertainment on the Gold Coast. Team building cruises, product launches, client meetings, conferences, networking events, sit-down corporate events, Christmas parties - whatever floats your boat.

So what do you need to know to plan a successful corporate event on a boat? Hugh Treseder, Co-CEO of Floatspace, answers the most common questions we get.

1. How much does it cost, ballpark figure?

"Floatspace has a wide variety of boat hire options for business events varying from budget-friendly smaller boats to luxury super yachts if you're looking to splash out. We cater for all events," Hugh says.

"So prices may vary a lot based on what kind of event you're looking to have. Let's say most event bookings are 4 hours, and you may pay anything from $350 per hour for a smaller boat for 20 people to $2500 per hour and up for a Floatspace luxe super yacht for groups of 40 to 400. That's the boat hire cost, so you'll then need to think about food and drinks and entertainment too. Our live pricing is designed to specifically assist customers with this.

"Note - some boats offer cheaper hourly rates for midweek cruises. View Floatspace's boats for hire for availability and prices, or enquire with us."

2. Can I come up early to help set up?

"Floatspace is usually able to arrange inspections and early boarding times to set up or decorate the boat, provided that the boat is available to do so," Hugh says. "This is very much on a case-by-case basis with the boat owner, so just let us know when you’re in the planning stage and we'll be happy to help."

3. What are the food and drink options?

"For business events, most boats offer food and drinks packages you can order in advance," Hugh says. "So you can choose from things like cold or hot canapes, seafood platters or fruit platters so they're there when you arrive. Alternatively, for cocktail or sit-down events, you can book larger boats with full commercial kitchens, fully stocked bars and staff to cater to your needs.

"For smaller events, you can choose to BYO food and drink or book a boat with a BBQ. It all depends on the kind of event you're after. We cater for all dietary requirements and the catered food onboard is fabulous. One World remains my favourite for the quality of food!"

4. What if someone needs to leave early or come later?

"Floatspace and your charter boat can help organise a water taxi to pick up guests who need to leave early or can only come later to an event on the water," Hugh says. "Depending on the wharf location, we can also pull up to specific wharves where guests can join the event or disembark if need be. Just let us know upon booking and we'll make it work for you."

5. What if it rains?

"Most boats are made for all-weather scenarios and have undercover options," Hugh explains. "We have boats go out in the pouring rain and people stay dry and still have a great time.

"However, if boating conditions are unsafe as determined by the charter boat operator and Floatspace, we will offer a 12-month voucher equal to the value of your charter which you can use when you reschedule, subject to availability."

6. What are the cancellation fees?

"Floatspace has a Cancellation Policy that takes into account how early you've been able to cancel your booking," Hugh says. "As you get closer to the date of the event, food, staff and boat costs incurred will be taken into account. See the full Floatspace Cancellation Policy here and don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. We act as an agent so are also required to work with the boats' policies."

Floatspace has business event boat hire options across locations like Sydney Harbour, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, The Whitsundays, Perth, Hobart and Auckland. Book a boat for your next event using our live pricing or enquire with us.

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