About this pick-up point

Overview: Towns Place Wharf is located in Walsh Bay, at 4 Towns Pl, Millers Point NSW 2000, next to Millers Point and Barangaroo Reserve, just to the west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a very scenic part of Sydney and the Harbour, surrounded by a wide variety of amenities.

Parking: the closest parking garage is the Car Park at Barangaroo Reserve, 5 Towns Place. Also close by is the Interpark at 26 Hickson Road, the Rocks

Bottleshop: A short drive or walk away is the Walsh Bay Wine Cellar, at 16 Hickson Road.

Convenience Store: there are no convenience stores within walking distance of this wharf

Bars and Restaurants: Just across the road is the Walsh bay Crabhouse at 1 Towns Pl, Millers Point NSW 2000. There are many restaurants and cafes to choose from along Hickson Road.

Landmarks for reference: Barangaroo Reserve, a lush green space with walking paths and beautiful views

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Directions to Towns Place Wharf

By Car: Towns Place Wharf is located in Walsh Bay, at 4 Towns Pl, Millers Point NSW 2000

By Ferry: Although the Towns Place Wharf is located just on the other side of Dawes Point, near Circular Quay, the ferries all go past this wharf, but none stop there. The closest would be the Barangaroo Wharf, on Barangaroo Ave

By Train: There are no train lines that go to Walsh Bay, but the Circular Quay station is about a 20 minute walk

By Bus: Many bus lines go here, aim for the stop Towns Pl after Hickson Rd

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