How much does a boat wedding cost?

By Adam Bub | Posted 24 February, 2021

There’s something inherently romantic about having a wedding on a boat. It’s that feeling of sweeping your guests away for a unique experience, a mini holiday for the afternoon or evening if you like, while celebrating your love.

It’s more relaxed, more intimate, and you get more bang for your buck. For starters, you can have the ceremony and reception all in one place. No need to spend double the amount on flower arrangements. No rushing between venues in a hot sweat. No separate location needed for photography because the million-dollar views are all around you.

Booking a boat wedding offers you the flexibility to truly make your big day yours. You can have a ceremony during daylight for the most perfect photos, a reception with champagne and canapes at sunset, or perhaps a formal sit-down under a marquee or the night sky. You can anchor somewhere iconic on Sydney Harbour, or choose a private beach that feels a world away, from the Gold Coast up to the Whitsundays.

But the question you’ve probably been Googling the most is the price. Floatspace has seen exponential growth in wedding bookings since the COVID-19 pandemic, as people discover an alternative way to have what feels like a destination wedding right here at home, for any budget.

“What’s become so apparent is that people are now realising what they can do having been faced with these restrictions,” says Hugh Treseder, co-founder of Floatspace. “We’re seeing people who could’ve never even dreamed of having a wedding on a boat now able to experience the incredible life on the water, and tick off a bucket list moment as well. The feedback has been that these weddings are going way beyond people’s expectations.”

How much does a boat wedding cost?

The beauty of Floatspace is that it enables access to the water experience for all budgets. To help you get a clearer picture, we’ve come up with a few estimates from small to medium to large to blow-the-budget.

Small weddings on boats: If you’re having a wedding of 30 people, you can start from $2400 as a BYO food-and-drinks option and have a beautiful catamaran for yourself for four hours, with captain and crew. A boat like Wanderlust is a favourite with Floatspace guests, with wide side decks and an expansive foredeck, and plenty of shade and lounge seating for a casual celebration.

Medium weddings on boats: If you’re going for a wedding of 60 to 100 people, you’d be expecting approximately $15,000 to $20,000 during prime time of the year (the warmer months). This would include four hours’ hire, luxury food and drinks packages, captain and crew. Commissioner 2 is great for a cocktail-style reception, a classic beauty with a sense of nautical nostalgia with all the modern trimmings.

Large weddings on boats: For a wedding of 100 people, you’d be expecting $35,000-$40,000 on a boat like One World, including premium canape and beverage packages. One World even offers a 24-hour package for up to 10 guests if you would like the bridal party to stay in the five luxurious guest suites (with their own ensuites for getting ready) on a superyacht. Oh, did we mention the five-person jacuzzi?

Blow-the-budget weddings: If a huge wedding is on the cards – we’re talking anything over 150 – you’d be talking $40,000 upwards. Starship Sydney can comfortably fit 150 to 500 people seated, with three spacious levels for entertaining, a dedicated lounge deck, a private VIP room, multiple bars, and 360-degree views through its UV-glare resistant wraparound glass.

Want a wedding idea that’s out of the box? Floatspace has rafted up two superyachts before, creating a free-flowing space connecting two boats by a bridge.

When is the best time to book a boat wedding?

For better flexibility, we’d recommend weekday weddings if you want the waters to yourself (especially on Sydney Harbour). For weekends, it’s best to get in early if it’s for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Boat weddings are suitable for any time of the year, just keep in mind that the warmer months are peak time.

What about the weather?

All of Floatspace’s boats have indoor-outdoor spaces, so you’ll always be comfortable and dry. From marquees over decks to luxurious lounges and intimate dining rooms, these boat hire options are designed to be all-year-round event spaces.

What about food and drink?

You can choose BYO drinks and food, but most boats offer a variety of packages including cocktail/canape style and full three-course meals.

What about music and entertainment?

All boats have their own sound systems so you can set your Spotify playlist and connect it via BlueTooth. Many boats have space for a DJ and dance floor. If in doubt, check the Floatspace listing or enquire here.

What if people need to leave early?

The boat can organise water taxis and transfers for guests who can’t stay the whole time, whether it’s the celebrant leaving after the ceremony, or a family who just need to get the kids to bed (although many boats have bedrooms too, if needed).

What about a COVID-19 Safety Plan?

All boats comply with COVID-19 Safety Plans outlined in government guidelines. There’s always a COVID marshal on board, temperature checks before you get on board, and rules around numbers of guests per square metre are observed. Rules may change regularly, so make sure to visit your state’s websites for updated information on weddings.

If you have any questions at all about booking a boat wedding, hit the link below.

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