How much does a boat party cost?

Posted 14 May, 2020

Boat parties are not only cool, they are becoming increasingly popular due to vast selection of incredible boats enabling people to celebrate any occasion on the water. At Floatspace we are changing the way people access boating and enabling anyone with a sense of adventure or fun to get on board.

We cater for all sort of requirements each day and are of the opinion that if you can dream it, you can do it. Got an idea but not sure of how to create it and draw together the relevant expertise? Speak with one of our team and see how we take the basic day floating, eating sausage rolls and taking selfies, to a whole new level.

We spoke with the team and got some inside info on how to sculpt the best boat party and cater for all budgets.

Don't just pick a boat based on your budget - it could end up costing you!

Just because a boat seems to fit the number of people and works out to be within budget, don't forget to take these things into consideration.

  • Boat layout - If you have a large group of 20 or more, there is no better way than to kick back in the open plan of some of our great catamarans and large vessels designed to accommodate a lively vibe with everyone sharing the experience. You don't want to break up the group, miss the big announcement or worst still, end up sitting next to some one that can talk the leg off a table.
  • Catering - When it comes to food and drinks, this is typically the one thing that impresses second to the view of course. Don't just settle for basics without speaking to us first. We can often provide some very clever and tasty options that are often missed. Lobster spring rolls and Prosseco tend to go down better with the ladies, than a can of VB and a sausage roll!
  • Music - Yes, a DJ can make a night and we have some crackers in our network, but this can add unnecessary costs and frequently we provide a photo and video option leaving a lifetime of memories with a great sound system playing through the boats sound systems from a simple iPhone.
  • Picking up and dropping off - Plan ahead, just because it's closer now doesn't mean it suits all. We have a huge selection of potentials for this one and can arrange everything from a Sea plane to a limo so try not to rush this. Ask us for ideas and options that can add the little bit of glam within budget.

Most of all, let us stress about it so you can enjoy the event. We are here to help and don't believe in silly questions, so if the inflatable zebra and stripes theme is a how it needs to be, or you simply must have a grass fed 137 day aged cut of ostrich................just ask.

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