Mate Dates Are Good For Your Health

By C Hansen | Posted 17 March, 2022

Our friendships are so precious, so why do we spend less time on them as we get older? As children our friendships are at the centre of our worlds, often dictating what music we like, how we dress and how we spend our time. We spend all day together at school, all evening chatting on the phone and then all weekend sleeping over and hanging out. 


But, then one day it just all seems to stop. 


School, work, and our love life all seem to get in the way and suddenly it feels like there just isn’t enough time for everyone and everything we want to do. But, what if I told you there was enough time. And I know the perfect way to spend it. Oh and your health depends on it! 

It only takes one day, book it in, lock it down and make it happen. O.K. so you might have to send the invite out months in advance, and finding a day that works for everyone can be tricky, but put it to a vote, because this is, without a shadow of a doubt, completely and 100% worth it. 


One day on a boat. Not just any old day, and not with any old group of people. This is one precious, glorious day with your gang, your group, your fam - whatever you want to call them. There’s no denying it, you’re already feeling the tingle of excitement just thinking about it.  Cold drinks, great tunes and your mates all together on one boat for the ultimate mate date. 

Spending time with your friends isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for your health too. It’s science. People who have strong connections with their friends and spend time socialising have a reduced risk of serious illness such as depression and high blood pressure. You can’t argue with that. So that’s that, having fun with your friends is now the same as going to the gym, meditating or doing pilates, it's good for your health. In this day and age of increased stress and life pressures it’s more important than ever that we respect science, take care of ourselves and organise a day on the water with our friends.


Okay so spending a day on a boat with all your favourite couple friends would be fab too, or a day alone on your own private yacht sailing around with the love of your life, would definitely be amazing. Basically any time spent on your own boat on the water is great. But, let's just pause for one minute and imagine hiring a boat, and spending one whole glorious day of mate time. No work to bother you, no responsibilities to get in the way, no interruptions. Just you, your besties, great food, cold drinks and the glistening water. You have to admit you’re already feeling healthier.

When you hire a boat for a day, you step off the land away from your worries and responsibilities and onto your own private wonderland, all your cares drift away. The day is yours to spend cruising around the waterways with your faves, only stopping to swim and play with the great selection of water toys, from floating pads to paddle boards, there’s even giant inflatable slides that attach to the side of some of the boats. The boat is yours for the day to sunbathe on the deck or dance in the open air, be carefree for one perfect day and remember what it was like to be a kid surrounded by your mates.