Unique Ideas for a Couples Getaway

By C Hansen | Posted 17 March, 2022

All you need is love, and a boat also helps!

There is nothing more romantic than spending time on a boat, whether you're newly falling  or a decade in, there is something completely and utterly romantic about being on a boat with that special someone. Maybe it’s the gentle sound of the water lapping, or the way the boat glides through the water. From day time cruises to overnight escapes, hiring a boat is the perfect way to share some quality time together. 


All your worries just seem to drift away as you step foot onto your own private boat. Whether you spend time relaxed snuggled up under the stairs, a blanket wrapped around you both or splashing around playing on the water toys provided, love will most definitely be in the air. 


Check out these 5 unique date ideas that will have you smitten before you can say Captain Jack Sparrow. 

The ultimate night on a boat 

Beautiful, classy and intimate, you really don’t get more romantic than an overnight escape on a yacht. Hiring a boat for the night, hands down beats any stay in a hotel room. With water views to die for and absolutely no neighbours to consider, it’s all about you. As you listen to the gentle sound of water lapping against the side of the boat you will truly feel a million miles around from reality, floating around in your own little world. Everything is taken care of, and watching the lights of the shore line dance in their own watery reflection, one night will feel like a week long holiday. This is one date that is hard to beat and is perfect for getting to know a new love even better or for breathing some romance into a long term relationship.

An active day on the water
Put your partnership to the test and spend an action packed day on a boat. From learning to sail to meeting the local marine life with a refreshing snorkel, it’s a perfect way to spend a date. Hiring a boat for the day provides so many opportunities to get active and enjoy each other's company and you won't be able to resist diving off the side or paddle boarding into the sunset. It’s impossible not to make memories that will last a lifetime when you’re cruising around on a dream date.

Blind date, bring a mate

Why does meeting the right person seem to be getting harder? Even with the added help of online dating, finding that special someone can often feel like hard work.If this sounds familiar, it’s time to try something different. Hire a boat for the day and plan an awesome day with your besties. There's just one catch - you have to bring a single friend along. Take the pressure out of dating and finding the right person by simply enjoying a great day on the water with your mates. Chuck in a few cold drinks and incredible water views and who knows what might happen.

Couples retreat 

As a couple it’s always great spending time with other couples but in our busy lives it can often be tricky to find the time to get together. Why not build your friendships and share in an incredible experience. Hire a boat together with a group of couples and have the ultimate double (and then some) date. The bigger the group the more people to chip in and potentially the bigger the boat.

Lunch with a view 

Sharing a meal out is a great way to connect on a date. Good food, nice wine and music. What more could you possibly need to get the sparks flying? Well actually now that you mention it, imagine watching the shoreline gently glide past as you tuck into a beautiful cheese board. Hiring a boat for the day means the restaurant is all yours. No waiting to be served or background noise. Just you and your love and the sound of water gently rippling by as you glide effortlessly through the crystal clear water. Lay back in the privacy of your own deck and enjoy dessert as you look out for dolphins.