A New Years resolution that’s easy to keep

By Heather Hansen | Posted 22 December, 2021

New Year's resolutions. Every year, with the best of intentions we set them. And every year, without fail, most of us break them. We don’t mean to, it just happens. 

From getting fit, to being more organised, why do we find it so hard to keep on track when it comes to New Year's resolutions and achieve our goals? How hard can it be? 


Maybe they just aren’t realistic goals. Or perhaps we don’t want them enough? The months go by and suddenly the year has gotten away from us. And, here we are back in December, hoping and planning that next year will be different.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to make a change and set one final New Year's resolution. The resolution to end all resolutions. The one you know you can keep. The one that will actually make a difference to your life, and to the people around you. 


Have more fun. 


You can’t lose. It’s so simple. Think about it. From girls days out, to family fun and of course don’t forget that corporate event, the opportunities to bring more meaningful fun into your life are endless.


And where exactly could you have this fun, you ask. On the water of course. Hire a boat for the day and your fun starts here. 

Here’s how it works…..

With friends: 


Imagine partying with your crew, dancing all day on the sun drenched private deck of your own yacht. Sipping cold drinks as the good times effortlessly flow. 

Dive off the back deck to cool down or splash around on the awesome selection of water toys that our boats have to offer. From floating mats to inflatable slides. This has got to be so much better than simply going out for dinner. Split the price between everyone and a day of fun on the water is actually quite affordable. 


Getting everyone together can be hard these days. Life gets busy and everyone’s responsibilities seem to grow. But let’s be honest, who would possibly say no to one epic fun filled day on the water? Hire a floating space and get that fun locked in. 

With Family:


Family time isn’t always as relaxing as you’d hope. Especially when you’re bringing big groups of extended family together. But with your New Year's resolution in mind, family time doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact it might be just the opposite on your own private yacht. 


Bring everyone together for one great experience and hire a boat for the day. Take out the stress of cooking and cleaning and just make family time all about fun and creating incredible memories together. Lifelong memories of genuine fun on the water. Explore a whole new world together and bond over the awesome experiences you’ll have on board. 

With Work: 


Corporate events don’t have to be dull, all suits and formalities. In fact life flows better when everyone is relaxed and enjoying an incredible time together. Hiring a boat for your work event is the perfect way to keep things fun, light, active and avoid the dreaded boredom boozing. 


Cruise around on your own yacht or even learn to sail on a sailing charter and bring fun into any work event. With most of our boats offering the option of BYO or fully catered you’ll be comfortably relaxing and enjoying everyone’s favorite activity - eating - in the most beautiful of settings. 


So why not make the best New Year's resolution ever and vow to have more fun this year. We can help with that! After all, fun on the water starts here, at Floatspace.