Why experiences make the best gifts

By Heather Hansen | Posted 22 December, 2021

There’s no denying it, experiences are better than things when it comes to giving gifts. But knowing which experience to organise can be a hard task.

What is it about gift buying that sends all of us into stress, running around like crazy people? Whichever holiday or occasion you’re celebrating, we all feel the pressure start to rise. With ever rising expectations and the shops full of things we really don’t need you can’t help but feel all the meaning of this special purchase is lost. It feels like creating a memorable impression is impossible and actually getting it right feels like an unrealistic goal.

Every year we promise it will be different. Gifts purchased well in advance and then sit back, relax and let the good times roll. But then why, oh why do we always seem to find ourselves running around the shops with everyone else buying mindless last minute junk? Not to mention the cost to the environment with fast fashion and silly gimmicks that are heading straight for landfill. If you’re tired of buying meaningless gifts for the sake of buying a gift, then it’s time to think differently. Take a step back and breathe. 


Rather than spending more money on more stuff, why not pick an experience. Something that everyone can enjoy and remember forever. 

Spend time with your loved ones and hire a boat for the day. It couldn’t be simpler to organise and when you share the cost between friends or family it's more affordable than you think. Floating around with your friends for one awesome day of fun on the water cannot be beaten. Make a boat booking and create memories that will last a lot longer than most store-bought gifts will.


Imagine cruising around on your own private yacht, exploring hidden beaches and secret coves. Having the whole boat to yourself and choosing where to stop for a swim and when to have lunch. You’re on boat time now, and you’re the boss. With most of our boats offering the choice between BYO or fully catered you have the option to create a seriously special day. One that you’ll all remember forever. 


So if you feel the pressure rising and hunting for the perfect gift in the shops seems like a pointless task, why not shift your focus from things to experiences and book a boat instead. Step away from the junk and put down the novelty mug (even if it does sing the theme tune to Star Wars) your family will most definitely thank you for this choice.