Four reasons why you should get engaged on a boat

By Heather Hansen | Posted 25 November, 2021

When it comes to planning the perfect proposal, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let’s blame the internet for this. From the most extravagant to the hilarious, we’ve seen them all play out on Youtube. 


You definitely don’t want to be the dude who faked his own death, just to be brought back to life and propose to his grieving girlfriend. Needless to say, his girlfriend was totally freaked out and things didn’t go as he’d planned. I don’t know if we should thank the internet for bringing this to our attention, or curse it for raising the bar of expectation so high it’s impossible to pull off the perfectly unique yet classy proposal. 


There is a way to get engaged that’s classy, out of the ordinary and offers enough opportunity to make it as unique as you are. Hire a boat for the day and share in an incredible experience together. 

Why boats are perfect for popping the question

It’s already amazing 


You’re already on your own private boat, you don’t need to go nuts trying to make the day extra special. It already is. It doesn’t get much more romantic than snuggling up on the deck, drinking champagne and watching the world float by. 


If you add too many extra layers the meaning will get lost, so cancel the white doves, and stay focused on what’s really important - ultra relaxing time together and enjoying everything your boat has to offer. From cruising effortlessly along the water, with someone else in charge of steering and navigating, to diving off the back and swimming in secluded bays, this is one special day that you’ll never forget. 

It comes with your own support crew


No matter how many romantic comedies you’ve watched, pulling off the perfect proposal is tricky and keeping secrets from your future spouse could be fraught with danger. Our amazing boat crews are more than happy to help you bring it all together. From secretly dropping off bags early, to picking the perfect spot to pop the question. Our support team and your boat crew have got your back, and - bonus - they’re great at keeping secrets. 

The perfect moment is everywhere 


Choosing the perfect moment to drop to one knee will only be hard because there will be so many incredible moments to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a stunning background, or a quiet intimate moment with not a soul in sight, you will be spoiled for choice when you hire a private floating space for the day.