Whitsundays Wish List

By C Hansen | Posted 17 March, 2022

That turquoise water is calling you

For most people, hiring a private boat and spending the day exploring exotic tropical islands only accessible by water has got to be high on the bucket list. It’s up there with bumping into your favourite celebrity in Byron Bay, or upgrading to first class on a longhaul flight, just because you’ve decided you really do deserve it. 


Lucky for us, tropical islands with deserted beaches are right on our doorstep. We invented turquoise water and sand so white and fine it squeaks beneath your feet. And, with a distinct lack of international tourists at the moment, there really isn’t a better time to get out on the water and explore our very own Aussie backyard. 


The Whitsundays are calling you. But where to start? 

Whitehaven Beach

First things first - it wouldn’t be a trip to the Whitsundays if you don’t stop in at Whitehaven Beach. With over seven kilometers of the purest white sand you’ve ever seen, it’s not hard to understand why this beach was named Best Beach in the World 2021, by Trip Advisor. Enjoying this award winning beach from the comfort of your own boat, as your private skipper takes care of everything, has got to be in the definition of me-time. Cold drinks, cool shade, warm sea breezes and stunning white sandy beaches, framed by lush green bushland, this is paradise at its finest and - as a little bonus - your insta page never looked so good! If you feel like doing a bit more than lounging, take on the walking track up to one of the many truly world-class look-outs.

Hill Inlet

At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is Hill Inlet - where the white sand meets the turquoise water and mixes gently together, creating even more enticing shades of blue in a mesmerising swirly pattern. This has got to be one of the most picturesque, and most photographed, places on earth and you get to drift gently by on your own boat and wave to the poor landlubbers, frothing over your luck from afar. No tourists to avoid or photos to help take, just you and your chosen fam. With calm, crystal clear shallow waters, Hill Inlet is the perfect spot to stop for a swim or take the paddle boards out to explore. And, if you need a change from floating around in paradise, place your feet in the pure white silica and take a walk along the sandy banks saying ‘hi’ to passing stingrays, or walk up to the look-out and take in the stunning natural beauty from above.

Manta Ray Bay

It’s not just what’s on top of the water that wins awards and makes sailing in the Whitsundays so unforgettable. What lies beneath the surface is truly special as well. Coloured corals line the bottom of the ocean floor while teams of vibrant fish dart around, finding their way in and out of their underwater playground. With the water feeling more like a pleasant bath than the ocean, it’s hard to say no to a dip when you’re in the Whitsundays. If you’re keen to see some coral and swim with an incredible variety of marine life, but want to do it in your own corner of paradise and avoid the crowds, chartering a private boat is the only way. You get to pick and choose where you go, and if it’s busy in one spot you can simply slide on by.