Why boats are best for friction-free family gatherings

By Heather Hansen | Posted 9 December, 2021

Let’s be honest, bringing the extended family together can be stressful, no matter how close you are. It’s just that sometimes (maybe even every time) bringing everyone in the family together can get a little difficult, especially when it comes to large gatherings. From logistics to politics, there’s a lot to think about. That’s not to say we don’t love a good ol’ get together and can’t wait for the next one. It’s just the sheer organisation of so many different family members, coming from a variety of locations, that can get your head spinning.


But, in the spirit of the holiday season and the fact that we haven't seen anyone in such a long while, it’s most definitely time to put our planning hats on, and bring the whole gang together - cousins, grandparents and all. 


With so many different needs and requirements to think of, not to mention age groups that span multiple generations, pulling off this perfect family day is going to be one big task. Unless…


What if we told you it could be easy, stress-free and you’d end up with a real party, at which everyone would have stacks of fun and absolutely love? 


Here’s why hiring a private boat and spending the day having fun on the water is the answer to all your family’s needs. 


With most of the boats in our fleet comfortably holding over 20 guests you won’t need to worry about who’s going to make the cut. Even Uncle Terry is getting an invite. There’s always plenty of space, inside and out, for everyone to enjoy a day on the water, without feeling cramped into awkward conversations you’d rather not have.


You can’t plan a family party without the debate around where it’s going to be held. Lucky for you when it comes to hiring a boat there’s a huge variety of wharves and pick-up points to choose from, all with parking options. Finding something geographically in the middle and bringing everyone together has never been easier.


Spending the day on your own private boat hire means there’s something for everyone. All of our boats are kid-friendly and safe and most of our fleet offer a great range of water toys, from paddle boards to fun floaties. And, for the aunty who really doesn’t want to get her hair wet, there’s always the comfortable deck lounge to sit back and watch all the action. 


No one wants all the jobs, from catering to cleaning up, to land in their lap. The day is meant to be a celebration for you as well, not a hard day's work. Choose between BYO or fully catered when you pick the perfect boat to hire. This means you can tailor the day to suit your family’s needs, without getting stuck with all the work. 


Spending the day on your own private boat hire certainly isn’t an everyday occurrence. It is really quite special and very memorable for all on board. Everyone will enjoy exploring the water in style, seeing the land from a totally different perspective and relaxing together in a way you’ve never done before. Watch the stress of organising your extended family gathering just melt away into the fresh sea air, as you all enjoy a boatload of fun on the water and create happy memories that will last forever.