Work events that aren’t meh

By Heather Hansen | Posted 25 November, 2021

After nearly 18 months of some teams working exclusively from home, the chances are we are all in need of some serious socialising. Let’s be honest, at first it was kinda fun. I mean who didn’t love working in their PJ’s from the couch? We embraced technology and even spent extra time on Zoom with pub quizzes and connecting with family. 


But enough is enough, we are ready to get out there and see each other in the flesh, for real this time! And, don’t forget about those new team members, the ones you’ve only ever seen in 2D, it’s time for them to meet the rest of the team. 


With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to bring your team together and celebrate with a corporate event on the water.


But, if you’re worried that all this time locked away in our ‘home offices’ and banished to four walls has left everyone feeling a little socially inept, here are three ways hiring a boat for your corporate event will get even the most socially awkward of workmates mingling like a pro.

Team building with sailing

Nothing says team building like hoisting the mainsail, having a go at the wheel and navigating your way around the water. It’s not forced or cheesey and there’s definitely no embarrassing ice-breaker games involved. A corporate sailing charter is simply working with mother nature and each other to harness the breeze and glide through the water, with only the power of wind. Hiring a sailing boat for your team event and spending the day on the water is the perfect way to get your team or even whole company united and working together. Don’t be fooled by the title, it’s not hard work and no one has to even pull a rope if they don’t want to participate. Sitting back and watching your teammates do all the work is fun too! We always make sure there’s time to stop for lunch in a beautiful secluded bay, giving your team the opportunity to swim, relax and enjoy everything a private boat hire has to offer.


There’s something magical about jumping off the back of your own boat and swimming in calm clear waters. No day on the water is complete without at least dipping a toe in and cooling off. Plus, nothing quite breaks down barriers like climbing aboard, and staying on, a giant floaty toy tethered to the back deck. It doesn't matter if you’re the CEO, there’s just no graceful way of doing it and it’s guaranteed to bring a few laughs.  All of our corporate cruises offer you the opportunity to stop for a swim, and most of the boats in our fleet have a great variety of water toys that will get everyone splashing around, from giant floating mats to slides that attach to the side of the boat.


Okay, so stripping down to your swimmers on a work do isn’t for everyone, but relaxing on your own private boat deck is. You really can’t beat the feeling as you enjoy a cold drink and watch the water gently ripple past. All our corporate charters offer a variety of catering options from BYO to fully catered and it’s the perfect way to show your team what they mean to you and that all their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. From a luxury super yacht to a motorboat, spending a day on the water will bring your team together in a relaxing environment, as you all enjoy some much needed downtime together.