BYO like a boss

By Heather Hansen | Posted 11 November, 2021

Top tips on self-catering for your boat hire

In pretty much every culture, creating and sharing food is intrinsic to family, friends, and love. It’s simple - food brings people together. That’s definitely the case when you’re sharing food onboard your own private boat. From a family party to a corporate event on the water, the food and drinks are always at the heart of the day. However, the catch about catering is, people only ever remember it if it was really good, or really bad.


Make your life easy and follow our top three rules for BYO catering. You’ll have Instagram worthy food without stressing or missing any of the action.

Rule 1. Keep onboard prep time down to a minimum

The last thing you want is to be stuck below deck creating food for your mates, while your boat charter passes you by. The only thing you should be working on as your boat pulls away from the wharf is your tan.


Doing as much as you can beforehand and ensuring your food is as close to ready as you can get it when you get onboard, will make the difference between sipping cold drinks with the rest of your group on deck and getting stuck working in the galley. Plus, no one on deck wants to feel guilty that they are sucking down a few bevies and fresh sea air, while you are down below slaving away and sucking it up.


It’s also worth remembering that heating up pre-prepared food isn’t always an option. Be sure to check with our support team beforehand if you really do need to use an oven or micro. 


You just can’t go wrong with homemade wraps, sandwiches, raw veggies, dips and mini quiches. Just take off the container lid and hand them out!  

Rule 2. Keep it simple 

There’s no need to go overboard (pun intended) when you’re creating your onboard menu. Too many options or complicated dishes will have you stressed out and running around missing all the fun. Simple doesn’t have to mean basic, it just means you’re not freaking out because you can’t find the truffle oil. 


A great way to keep it simple is with a BBQ and salads. Everyone loves a BBQ, and if you feel like salads are boring, just check out one of the many new salad bars popping up all over the place. You’ll be sure to get some ideas for pimping your bowl.  


If you are planning on having a BBQ during your charter, first let Floatspace know to make sure your boat has a BBQ onboard. Then let your boat crew know when you board, as they will likely be cooking it for you. 

Rule 3. Share the love (and the work)

Okay, so you’re the party planner extraordinaire and you’ve organised this incredible event on the water! That doesn’t mean you have to be the only person doing the leg work when it comes to the catering. After all, everyone’s going to enjoy it.  


Grazing platters are the perfect way to get everyone involved. From cheese and crackers to meats and fruits, we all love a share plate. Dividing up the workload also means anyone with special dietary requirements can take care of themselves and even the fussiest of friends won’t go hungry. Dividing up the cost ahead of time means you don’t have to beg anyone for a contribution while the fun is in full swing.


Top tip: Assign chips and dips to the friend who doesn’t know pastrami from pepperoni.