Sailing vs cruising

By Heather Hansen | Posted 11 November, 2021

How to make the right choice when it comes to booking a boat type

Whether you’re a salty sea dog or brand new to boating, this is a big question. Which is better when it comes to hiring a boat - sailing or cruising? 

Do you go for the elegance and beauty of a slower, smoother sailing yacht or the power, speed and luxury of a motor cruiser? 


To start, there are a few activities that will dictate the type of vessel you hire. For example, if you’re looking to learn the ropes around sailing - you’re gonna need sails. Or if you want to head out to the open seas and cast a line out on the ultimate fishing trip, the stability and power of a motorboat is better.


But what about a day cruising around on calm waters enjoying the company of your friends? Or a romantic night on a boat under the stars with your loved one? Then which one should you choose?

Motor yachts - the bad boys of the water

Powerful, luxurious and super stable. A motor yacht commands attention from passers by. It says “I am here to have a good time!’ These power boats are perfect for impressing new clients, partying with friends or spending the day with family. 


You’ll charge through the water with ease, never late or waiting for the wind to change, motor yachts get where they need to be, with plenty of time to spare.


The reason so many people love and choose to book a motor cruiser is down to the space and amenities. They often have large entertaining decks spread across multiple levels, with BBQ areas and plenty of elbow room to eat, drink, mingle and have a great time. They also have beautiful indoor spaces too. On many of the larger motor yachts in our fleet you’ll even find room for a dance floor inside. 


If you’re looking for absolute luxury and stacks of space, check out our LUXE fleet here

Sailing boats - a whole vibe on their own 

Do not be fooled by the sails, hiring a sailing boat is not hard work and, unless you really want to, you won’t be hoisting the mainsail or ducking under the boom. Hiring a sailing boat is much more about gliding quietly and effortlessly through the water as a gentle breeze nudges you along. Time melts away, any stress is immediately erased from your mind and all that matters is the present - so sit back, relax and grab a cold drink for the ride. 


The perfect party destination, sailing boats offer character and charm you just don’t get on land. There’s plenty of room outside to dance to your favorite tunes, dive off the back or simply sit up front watching the world go by. 


Connect with nature as dolphins love to ride the bow wave as you cut through the water. Seals sunning themselves on nearby rocks are unafraid of quiet, gentle sailboats and stay put for your amazing adventure Insta story. Whether you book a catamaran or  monohull yacht, you really can’t beat how sailing makes you feel super relaxed and in tune with the ocean. 


Whichever option you choose for your private floating space - sailing or motor cruising - it’s sure to be amongst your most memorable days ever . Whether you’re gliding, floating or charging along, there is nothing better than getting out there and having fun on the water.