Four reasons why you should book midweek

By Heather Hansen | Posted 10 November, 2021

Every day feels like a weekend when you’re on a boat

The weekend has landed and it’s time to get out on the water with friends and family and enjoy some much needed downtime. 


What’s that you say? Every boat is already booked out on those precious but few days? With a record number of Australians competing to source and book fun weekend activities, getting any sort of booking this summer might feel like an impossible task. 


Lucky for you, every day feels like a holiday when you’re floating around on your own private yacht. Whatever day of the week you choose, you really can’t beat time out on the water.

Four reasons why it's better to hire a boat midweek:

1. The waterways are quieter

Let’s be honest, getting out on the water isn’t a new idea and as the weekend arrives, everyone with access to a boat heads out. Then comes the weekdays and everyone heads back to the office and the responsibilities of everyday life. The water is once again calm and traffic is low. 


This is the perfect time to bag yourself a boat charter on the water. Even the most popular bays are quiet, giving you the privacy to really sit back and relax. There’s no need to jostle for a great position, the waterway is yours my friend.


We know it’s fun looking onto a busy beach from the sanctuary of your own boat, and feeling ever so smug that you have your own private floating space away from the crowds. However, it’s an even better feeling, looking at a deserted beach knowing everyone else is at work!

2. Rates are lower

It makes sense, right? Weekends are busy so why not offer lower rates at quieter times. That’s exactly what we do. Most of our boats offer lower midweek rates, which are just waiting to be snapped up by smart people like you. 


A midweek boat booking means more cash for you to spend on the perfect boating outfit or a better bottle to BYO. You could even give yourself an upgrade and go for a bigger boat or add an extra few hours on to your booking. Less competition for midweek bookings also means more choice when it comes to finding your dream boat. Check out our Floatspace fleet here.

3. Feels more like a real holiday

There’s something about being on a boat that makes the outside world just disappear. One day can feel like a week's holiday. Reality just seems to melt away, It’s so easy to erase any stress and unwind. 

Cut your working week in half when you make a midweek boat booking and you’ll feel like you're wagging school! Imagine how short your work week would feel if you floated off on a Wednesday.

4. You need to use some of those overflowing annual leave days 

Over the last two years there’s been a distinct lack of opportunities to get away on any sort of a holiday. With multiple lockdowns and border closures our much loved overseas holidays seem like a distant memory. Even a cheeky few nights away with the girls has been hard to achieve recently. 


Chances are your annual leave is stacking up and overflowing. Why not use up one measly day for a perfect little adventure on the water and enjoy all the other benefits of hiring a boat midweek?