Top three secret spots to swim in Sydney Harbour

By Heather Hansen | Posted 26 October, 2021

You can’t deny the best way to cool down after a day of cruising around Sydney Harbour is with a refreshing dip in the water. Did you know that along with crystal clear waters and iconic sights, Sydney Harbour has some incredible swimming spots that are just perfect for jumping, or sliding, off the back of a boat into the water. 


And the best part is, these spots are safely located within the harbour so you don’t have to worry about the perils of ocean swimming, such as getting smashed by waves and wondering where exactly your bikini bottoms have gone. After all, hiring a private yacht for the day is meant to be a classy affair.  


Don’t feel like facing the crowds on the beach? You don’t have to - all these beaches are best reached by boat. Imagine sailing effortlessly past the crowds of beach-goers on your own private yacht and then dropping anchor at a secluded beach with water-access only. It’s a yachtlife secret. 

Milk Beach

This has got to be one of Sydney’s best kept secrets when it comes to sandy beaches and secluded swimming. Want to pretend you’ve sailed to your own deserted island? This small and isolated beach is the perfect way to really get away from it all. With limited access from land, and your average tourist not knowing it exists, Milk Beach is the perfect spot for a swim on any boat charter. Time it right and you might even get this spot all to yourself. If it wasn’t for the glistening cityscape on the horizon it would be easy to forget you were even in Sydney at all, and that’s what it’s all about.

Athol Bay

Nestled below Taronga Zoo and looking out towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Athol Bay is a swimming spot with a world-class view. When it comes to taking a break from cruising around the harbour on your own private boat, it doesn't get much better than this. Athol Bay isn’t just great for diving off the back of your boat, it also offers one of the best backdrops on the harbour, for some amazing photo opps. It’s truly Insta-worthy. With protection from the wind it’s always a great place to take in the sights and have some lunch. Don’t feel like swimming? These calm waters are perfect for chucking in some water toys and simply floating around with your friends.

Store Beach

Hidden away on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Store Beach is only accessible via boat which makes it off limits for landlubbers and only for those with their own private boat. The deep water close to shore makes it the perfect spot to anchor whatever kind of vessel you're in, from superyachts to cruisers to catamarans. The water here, like much of Sydney Harbour, is clear down to the bottom, which means even the most timid of swimmers will be tempted to dip in a toe. Store Beach is also a sanctuary for Fairy Penguins so keep an eye on the shore at dusk and you might be treated to a very special and rare sight.